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What is Art and design?



It is the human ability to make forms creatively and skillfully for aesthetic and utilitarian purposes. It is concerned with the development of visual perception and aesthetic experiences for the purposes of expressing ones ideas, experiences, emotions and feelings.


This is a problem solving process that involves planning, sketching and outlining concepts to work from or to finish as complete works of utilitarian and aesthetic value.



Entrepreneurship Education

Social Studies

Computer Applications

Communication Skills

Visual Communications

Art & Design







This is a course that introduces the students to the various fabric decoration techniques, either in the fabric formation stage in weaving and knitting or during textiles finishing through coloration processes. Experts in this field are in great demand in the fashion and interior design industries.


Career opportunities in the Kenyan market include:- Practitioners, Textile Designers for Interior and Fashion firms, Public Art Practitioners, Textile Conservationists and Curators, Art Educators and Teachers, Fashion Buyers and Retailers, Gallery Directors, Props Masters, Set Dressers, Fashion Accessory Designers, etc.



Sculpture is a form of three-dimensional expression using a variety of material. Traditional, sculpture has been associated with curving or shaping wood or stone. However, this definition is rather narrow as there are numerous techniques and methods that can be used to create three dimensional artworks eg,

-Artifactual Sculpture

- Architectural Sculpture

-Multi-media Crafts

- Draughtsmanship


Careers in sculpture include:

Full time sculptor, Teaching, White Collar professions, Gallery directors, Critics, Museum directors, Curator, Artist agents, Fabricators, Restorers, Set Designers, Furniture Designers, foundry artists, model maker, Crafts Consultants, Wood craftsperson, etc.




Multi-media crafts is a course that encompasses all other areas of fine art requiring the use of many materials, using special skills to make artifacts by hand.




Units include:-

Mosaic making

Collage Making

Jewelry and Ornamentation

Weaving and Leather work

Laboratory Techniques

Careers options: Given the diversity of skills acquired during the course, the multi-media artist becomes open to many career choices, depending on the individual’s interest. These include:

Gallery Assistant/Administrator, Self-employed Craftsperson, Fashion Accessory Designer, Interior Decorator, Fabric Designer, Crafts Consultant, Art & Craft Teacher, Handloom Weaver, Ceramist, etc



A nation requires creative fashion designers to keep pace with the needs of an ever changing fashion conscious society. The intensive course at BIFA ensures that a steady supply of top class fashion designers is ready for the market every year.


Units in fashion:

Clothing Construction Theory

Fashion Sketching and Designing

Pattern Drafting and Cutting

Clothing Construction Practical

Fashion Crafts and Accessories

Textile Science/ Fabric Decoration



This is the art and science of making rooms and other indoor areas attractive, comfortable and useful. Carpeting, Draperies, furniture, lighting, paint, wall covering and many other items may contribute to interior decorations. The care selection of each item to suit the purpose of a specific area and the overall mood desired is the goal of interior designers.


Units in Interior design:

Interior Architecture

Furniture Design

Exhibition and Display

Landscaping Design

Soft Furnishing


Career Opportunities include: Space Planners, Kitchen Designer, Furniture Designer, Home Lighting Consultant, Upholstery Consultant, Interior Decorator, Commercial Interior Designer, Contract Designer, Display Designer, Indoor Plant Designer, landscape Designer.



Graphic Design is an activity, which involves conceiving and translating ideas into visual forms and creating a composition by arranging letters and images (layout) on a surface for communication purposes.


Units in Graphics:

Publication Design

Advertising Design

Packaging Design

Corporate Identity Design

Illustration and Model Making

Printing Technology



Career Prospects: Creative (directors, copywriters, cartoonists, typographers, package designers, Industrial designers, automobile designers, photographers, calligraphers, layout artists), Account Services, Media, Production, Research, Public relations.



Painting is a means through which the artist expresses moods and feelings using wet pigments such as oils and acrylics on surfaces like canvas or board. The course introduces the students to basic color mixing (color Theory) and studio based workshops on tools, accessories, techniques and themes in painting. The painting course provides avenues for experimental art such as mixed media painting or collage. This course is complemented by units (subjects) in art criticism and painting history where the artist gains skills and knowledge in analyzing painting styles e.g., abstract art and cubism plus the documentation of artwork.



Just like painting, drawing is a means of expressing emotions using both wet and dry media such as chalk, charcoal, pastel, colored pencil and ink. The student is introduced to themes such as portraiture, figure drawing’s still life and landscape. The drawing unit emphasizes on extensive exercises on techniques of rendering compositions such as hatching and cross-hatching. Students also experiment in mixed media drawing such as pen and ink or chalk and charcoal on appropriate surfaces.


Career options in Drawing and Painting

On completion of the course, students can work as permanent or freelance illustrators in publishing companies e.g. Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB). One can be a studio artist creating artwork for sale in commercial galleries. Some students have developed their specialization into Kitchen Artists, working in five Star Hotels.

The artist can work as a curator or exhibition Designer in museums and galleries. One also be an Art Tutor or Instructor working in formal institutions or community projects organized by NGO’s. The artist can extend his/her drawing skills into Animation working as a concept artist.