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Our Courses

BIFA is a technical and vocational training college for young talented artists and designers. We are specialised in training a 3 year diploma course in Graphic design, Drawing & painting design, Interior design and Fashion design.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an activity, which involves conceiving and translating ideas into visual forms and creating a composition by arranging letters and images (layout) on a surface for communication purposes.

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Fine Art

Painting is a means through which the artist expresses moods and feelings using wet pigments such as oils and acrylics on surfaces like canvas or board. The course introduces the ………..

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Fashion Design

A nation requires creative fashion designers to keep pace with the needs of an ever changing fashion conscious society. The intensive course at BIFA ensures that a steady supply of ……..

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Interior Design

This is the art and science of making rooms and other indoor areas attractive, comfortable and useful. Carpeting, Draperies, furniture, lighting, paint, wall covering and …..

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