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Fine Art

Painting is a means through which the artist expresses moods and feelings using wet pigments such as pencil,chalk,oils and acrylics on surfaces like paper, canvas or board. The course introduces the students to basic color mixing (color Theory) and studio based workshops on tools, accessories, techniques and themes in painting.
The painting course provides avenues for experimental art such as mixed media painting or collage. This course is complemented by units (subjects) in art criticism and painting history where the artist gains skills and knowledge in analyzing painting styles e.g., abstract art and cubism plus the documentation of artwork.

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Just like painting, drawing is a means of expressing emotions using both wet and dry media such as chalk, charcoal, pastel, colored pencil and ink. The student is introduced to themes such as portraiture, figure drawing’s still life and landscape.
The drawing unit emphasizes on extensive exercises on techniques of rendering compositions such as hatching and cross-hatching. Students also experiment in mixed media drawing such as pen and ink or chalk and charcoal on appropriate surfaces.


Core Units in Fine Art:

  • Drawing techniques
  • Themes in painting
  • Mural painting
  • History of painting
  • Digital painting
  • CAD(Adobe  illustrator, photoshop & in Desing)

Career options in Drawing and Painting

On completion of the course, students can work as permanent or freelance illustrators in publishing companies e.g. Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB).
One can be a studio artist creating artwork for sale in commercial galleries. Some students have developed their specialization into Kitchen Artists, working in five Star Hotels.
The artist can work as a curator or exhibition Designer in museums and galleries. One also be an Art Tutor or Instructor working in formal institutions or community projects organized by NGO’s. The artist can extend his/her drawing skills into Animation working as a concept artist.